Pet sitting and dog walking in San Diego North County areas of Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista


Why do I need to choose Pawsitive Creatures Pet Sitting Services to sit my pet?

pet sitting in San Diego North CountyPawsitive Creatures is simply the solution you need to all your worries about pet sitting, dog walking, pet taxi, as well as pooper scooper worries. Whether your job is making it impossible for you to take care of your pet as you would like to, or you will be away for a few nights, or you are going to be away for a long time on vacation, or a new small member has just been added to your family, you can’t absolutely count on us to help with your pet and give them the care they deserve as our very own.

When it comes to taking vacations, it could be very uncomfortable for pet owners. From asking relatives for help to boarding your pet at a kennel; either of it can be difficult, stressful and expensive. But with Pawsitive Creatures Pet Sitting Services, your pet will get to stay in the comfort of their home, surrounded by the same familiar sounds, sights, and smells. We will give them the plenty of attention they deserve while they also get lots of exercise.

Perhaps, you just added a new small puppy to your family. Puppies need some extra care and also needs to go out several times in a day. This is not a problem with us as we can help walk your puppies around the neighborhood to get some fresh air.

In case of emergency or illness, you can always count on us as a great back up plan for caring for your pet.

Either you will be staying away for a couple of nights or you are going on a long vacation, we not only take care of your pet, we can also give your home that “lived in” look that will ensure your home safe and never appear vacant.

Where do you offer your service?

Pawsitive Creatures Pet Sitting Service is located in the North County area of San Diego, and we care for your pets in such cities as:

  • Carlsbad
  • Oceanside
  • Vista

What does my pet stand to gain?

cat sitter Oceanside Vista and CarlsbadThere are lots of benefits your pet stand to gain from our service beginning from having the chance to be cared for in the comfort of their homes leaving them safe and secured in the environment they are already familiar with to the elimination of stress on the pets.

  • Your pet will have its daily routine as usual without any disruption to any part of it
  • Your pet’s diet remains intact without any change
  • Your pet is not in any way exposed to diseases and infections from other animals as the case with many unfamiliar boarding faculties
  • Your pet is not traumatized by a car ride and left in an unfamiliar environment again
  • Your pet receives fully individualized attention

How will Pawsitive Creatures Pet Sitting Services gain access to my home?

You will have to get a key to us when we arrive at your home and please, make sure you gave us the right key that will allow us to gain entrance into your home while you are away. Part of our policies is to ensure your keys are kept safe in a secure location for future visits. However, if you will also want us to return your key, please, note that that will attract a pickup fee of $10 for future services.

Is there any contract I will have to sign?

Yes, there will be a document made available to you to sign showing that you agreed to let us into your home and also take care of your pet. The document also shows that you agree to our policies and procedures.

How many times will you visit my pet while I’m away?

This is usually recommended at 2-4 times a days for dogs while for a healthy cat or other pets, one visit daily is enough.

When will I be charged for the service?

Payment for the service is due at the time of first visit for those who only need temporary service, say like going on a vacation for 2 weeks and won’t be needing further service. Daily consistent clients are billed every two weeks and are expected to make payment on the next day of service or within 3 days of date on invoice. You can decide to make payment either by cash or by check.

Is there any provision for cancellation?

If the need arises that you would like to cancel a scheduled daily walk, we will need you to notify us at least 24 hours earlier to avoid being charged for cancellation fee. Please, you should understand that sometimes, we are forced to refuse clients as a result of unavailable time; therefore, it will be very great to notify us in advance prior to any cancellation. Also, to avoid the cancellation fee for Holiday vacation, it is required you give us a 3-day notice prior to cancellation.

How will I know what happened with my pet?

This is not a thing to worry about, as Pawsitive Creatures Pet Sitting Service will provide you a detailed note of any and all the visits to your home taking care of your pets. We offer text and/or email updates after each visit.

What can I expect from vacation care?

  • We will walk, visit and play with your pet
  • Feed & water
  • Accident clean up
  • Maintenance of litter box
  • Take in mail, newspaper, garbage cans and any deliveries
  • Adjust the lights and blinds
  • Lots of love and affection