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There are lots of benefits your pet stands to gain from using the service of a professional pet sitter beginning from having the chance to be cared for in the comfort of their homes leaving them safe and secured in the environment they are already familiar with to the elimination of stress on the pets.

  • Your pet will have its daily routine as usual without any disruption to any part of it
  • Your pet’s diet remains intact without any change
  • Your pet is not in any way exposed to diseases and infections from other animals as the case with many unfamiliar boarding faculties
  • Your pet is not traumatized by a car ride and left in an unfamiliar environment again
  • Your pet receives fully individualized attention


  • Free initial consultation: You will get a free initial consultation in your home where you get to discuss the need of your pet, complete the necessary paperwork, and also get to see your home care instructions.
  • Discrete service:  You would not have to worry about your home because we will strive to keep your home exactly the way you left it.
  • Flexibility: Your pet’s care, as well as your convenience, is our top priority. So we work with you and your schedule
  • Special Service: You can be guaranteed of some special services like helping you water the plants, retrieve mails, take out the garbage cans, and much more at your request.
  • Insurance: You can be sure your pet sitter is properly insured for your own protection. Peace of mind: You can be rest assured that your pet is in safe hands even while you are away on your vacation. We are fully committed to caring for your pet and leaving the ‘pawsitive’ mark of happiness on your home.
  • Truly professionals: We are trained to care for pets and we know how to handle potentially dangerous situations and necessarily react to such.
  • Trained and experienced in administering medication
  • You can be rest assured that we will always have backup in case of emergencies, car troubles, and illness


These are hidden facts many dog owners are yet to discover: according to various research, it’s been proven that dogs left alone spend up to 80% of their time resting, even if the yard is there for them to exercise.

dog walking Carlsbad and Vista and OceansideWhat Does Exercise Mean to Your Dog?

Just like humans, exercise is also important for the healthy growth of your dog. It helps strengthen their bones and keep their immunity up enough to fight diseases. In short, exercise is needed to promote and maintain the health of your dog.

So How Much Exercise Does It Need?

You may be wondering how much exercise your dog needs or is the weekend hiking enough for him? Anyway, your dog needs a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of exercise for at least 3 times in a week to stay healthy and keep their hearts pumping well. So, you can see it requires more than just a stroll around the block or the every weekend hiking adventures and long trips to the dog park; a daily exercise routine is much healthier and safer your you lovely friend.

Now let’s see the importance of getting a trained Dog Walker to help exercise your dog:

#1: Health – Your dog’s health solely depends on you; you can help him live healthier or otherwise! Regular exercise is important for a healthy growth of your dog as it helps reduces the risk of developing some certain health problems like arthritis, heart diseases, as well as other life-threatening illnesses that could turn out to be very expensive to treat.

#2: Behavior – A well-exercised dog, is no doubt, a well-behaved dog! Having access to regular opportunities to run and get out of the house, a dog will have a calmer behavior at home, and also reduced tendencies to bark, bite, chew, and use the bathroom indoors.

#3: Peace of Mind — You can be rest assured that your dog has found a good relationship in an experienced dog walker, therefore, making it easy to leave him in the hands of such walker providing pet sitting service while you are away on a trip. Rather than getting your dog’s daily routine disrupted, your dog walker helps your dog stay healthy and happy even while you are away on your trip with business.

#4: Stimulation – Mental stimulation can be as exhilarating to your dog as physical exercise. Avoid the guilt of leaving your dog all alone at home bored all day. A dog walker can be a perfect solution to that. He can provide the stimulation and socialization to break the monotony of the day and get your dog on a happy peak all day long.

#5: Save Time – Do you spend your lunch hour rushing home to let out your dog? You don’t have to do that. By using a professional dog walker, you wouldn’t have to bother about staying late after work to get one of the items on your to-do list checked off. He will keep your dog totally cared for and you will come home to meet a much more mellow dog who will be happy to enjoy time relaxing with you after work.

Now you know the benefits of using a professional dog walker for your dog could be endless. Pawsitive Creatures Pet Sitting Services makes it much more easier for you to hire the service of a professional dog walker with our quality service, experienced dog walkers, and at very affordable prices. I’m sure your dog will thank you for hiring us!

We would love to help you and your dog get the amazing benefits locked up in the use of a professional dog walker to walk your dog. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation, and let’s help leave that pawsitive mark on your dog’s health as well as on your busy schedules.

We’d love to help you and your dog get the benefits a professional dog walker provides. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation. Your dog will thank you!